Thursday, September 16, 2010

Getting it all back from a long break! Uhgggg!

Salaamu alaykum/ Hi all...

We are slowly getting our classes started after a long break due to moving and living temp in a home and pregnancy. I am at the end of my pregnancy with #5 and its very hard to stay motivated since I am very tired and over whelmed with many other problems at the moment. But I pray to Allah that I can stay above water with all these problems I am facing along with not letting my children down.

Starting a schedule is very hard and on top of that I am behind on everything. 

Staying focused is the key and God first before all things. 

See ya soon! 


UmmAbdillah Charles said...

as salaamu alaiki,

May Allah make it soooo easy on you to do what you have to do Allahumma Ameen. You know I'm here for you in sha Allah to help in anyway that I can. We gotta get this science thingy going in sha Allah.. But after the baby is born in sha Allah, things will be up and running for you and the kids in no time. BarakAllahu feeki ameen

UmmAbdillah Charles said...

as salaamu alaiki. Don't know if this will repeat twice but, here goes. May Allah make things sooo easy on you Allahumma Ameen. After the baby is born things will be back up and running in not time in sha Allah. Im here for you and we gotta get this science thingy going a sap in sha Allah.. BarakAllahu feeki ameen

Yazz on September 27, 2010 at 2:03 AM said...

Salaamu alaiki, dear daughter, don't worry it will all fall into place. Do what comes easy, and take care of yourself while pregnant. Don't think too much about it! OK1 Listen to your Momma! InshaAllah 'ta'Ala you will have ease in your situation!

Love Umm JJ

The Homeschooling Ummi on October 5, 2010 at 10:04 AM said...

@ My Umm: BarakaAllahu feeki Ummi and I will most deff listen to my mommy lol I love you too and miss you terribly much! I cannot wait to get this part out of the way got soooooo much to do. mashaallah ill just have to be patient.

@Umm A: Yes girl @ the science thingy, I just really hope we can find most things we need for it mashaAllah. BarakaAllahu feeki wa Ameen!

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