Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our summer time program 1:2

As Salaamu alaykuk

Note: When I post the 99 names from the lecture mashallah they will not be in order as we usually see Allah subhanna wa ta alaas names. The Shaykh did them in alphabetical order, So I will post them to you that way however i will number the orders after the names to show the order we are going in inshaAllah ta alaa.

Also, along with the names we will being doing lapbooks for each name as well inshallah.

Another activity we are doing is learning and going over the meaning of Tawheed. We will be using several books and links as well. I will post them as we go along.

The next subject is History of Phrophet Muhammad salalaahu alayhi wasalaam, "Knowing The Mercy to Mankind" by Dr Saleh As Saleh. This one mashallah I love. It goes into great details of many of the events that took place before and after Our Nabi Rasolullah salalaahu alayhi wasalaam.

And of course we will be doing much needed Marrajah with the quraan inshallah. And lots of arts and crafts inshallah.

Below are plants that my kids have grown. Mashallah they are so happy about there plants and they did a wonderful job on them (except for logging information lol ) need more work on that. ok inshallah more to come later ma salaams


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