Saturday, December 19, 2009

Making Spelling Bees from Spelling City!


Ok so last month or two... I started this new thing with the kids (Samyrah and Muhammed) for spelling. Each week I introduce new spelling words 20 for Samyrah and 10 for Muhammed.

We go to spelling city and from there they are to practice the words for 3 days.

Their activity for this is to collect 10 crayons or items and make it into a game to help them remember the words by throwing one crayon at a time as they spell a word over up to 5 or 10 times until they memories most of the words. I also introduce more actives for them during the week

My aim is to help them retain as much as they can and to catch on to patterns in the spelling. So far soooo good.

I also would administer a quiz with words I know they do not know on Monday and then by Friday they have a spelling test.

I do it this way to help them see their accomplishments. It helps them feel better about learning new words. And they always have a smile on their faces because they look back and see how good they did mashallah

Mommy is sooooo proud of her babies mashallah.


UmmAbdillah Charles said...

Great idea... I made a comprehension day for my kids and I'm goin to make a spelling/vocab day for them as well then at the end of the week give them a test in sha Allah. I will give them words in the beginning of the week and then test them at the end in sha Allah.. :)

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