Monday, December 27, 2010

Where going on a Nature "Walk"!


Where going on a Nature "Walk"!

Today, our expedition was to venture out on a Nature walk. Should be fun since we are in a different world (Egypt) I am wondering how this will go.... Hmmmmmm will be back with an update lol he he he he....

Here is what well do inshallah.
For a Nature walk you want to be prepare for both the walk and the children. So I have prepared a small list of what I will bring along our trip.

*Paper, crayon and pencil for rubbing arts and stories...

*plastic bag for collecting anything interesting to us...

*Nature walk scavenger hunt game...
I spy something soft
I spy something blue
I spy something hard and breakable. etc etc.

*a note book for a nature walk journal entry.

Will be back with this weeks results inshallah

until next time....

Umm Samyrah♥


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