Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Having a party?~


Salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah

My goals for the kids is to give them a since of happiness along with teaching them the religion as teaching them the religion will be a guide to teaching them happiness.

First thing i have noticed about us Muslims who regard our self upon the adherence to the salafi dawah is that we strip away a lot of social fun from our children. This bothers me and it may be that i can pinpoint it so due to the fact that I did not grow up this way so it sorta stands out..  Ok granted we do not celebrate birthdays or many other celebrations at that, but, who said its wrong to reward them? 

It is not wrong to make a cake and give them a nice little non holiday day or a rewarding day so in the since of rewarding them, I will make cakes and decorate the home and show them we have a fun side in life too so that they will not go chasing others lifestyle.  

I have seen this with my own eyes, Families work so hard to give there children an Islamic lifestyle yet they forget that their children are watching others and some are whom whether they are Muslims or not are just plain people who they should not want them watching or following, But cud you blame them at all for that.  I have seen so many people lose there children to the dunya to this reason alone and its all because we lack social communitiship (yeah i just made that world up a little but if you pay attention you will see what I am trying to say)...

I was a born Muslim child and I am a witness to it. When you do not give to your children they will go find it somewhere else. You do not want them looking where they should not be looking at.  Although, some kids are just plain curious! :)

One Somili sister (a dear friend) said to me, " How can you expect Samyrah to do a good job with learning how to cook and clean when she has no peers to compete with". When she said this I admit i had a strange look on my face but what she was saying started to stick as she kept on talking. She than went on to say, "Girls are competitive, when we are in our village the girls all compete with each other and the one who can make her mom smile the most is the one who wins". Subhannallah, She bought back some many memories of my childhood just by stating this.

When we where younger, we had cooking contest and sewing contest and all. We had people in our lives to teach us different skills that we just thought was fun things to do at that age. And when I see how we are today and how we lack this it makes me SOOO sad for my children as they are missing this. But thru Allah azza wa jal's help  

 I do not know how to sew very well but I can teach how to do the basics why not just start there, I do know how to crochet. Teaching any skill is a test and can make you want to run away but when you think about the very person who took the time out of (now i know ) busy life to teach us why not return it back to someone else.

Teaching period is a task and its a due favor to be returned back to the community! We can do it its our children's god giving right mashallah. May Allah bless us in it ameen!

moving right along, back to parties LOL ha ha ha!

Samyrah just passed her assessment test on math and she did VERY good Alhamdulillah she got a 90%, I am not really shocked mashallah the girl is very excellent/and smart when it comes to math. Mashallah I will plan a nice lil girl party for her with cake decoration and small affordable gifts :) cant wait. I am just as excited as she will be once she fines out.

May Allah bless us all upon Birr wa Taqwa! Ameen Allahuma Ameen!

Until next time inshaallah!


Yasmin on January 11, 2011 at 8:09 PM said...

Salaams! Let me begin by saying how proud I am of my darling granddaughter Samyrah for passing her test.And of you dear, for being you. I agree with all that you said about incorporating socialization in order to add some type of social fun to their lives. It is important for children to laugh and smile and be happy while they are youngsters. And you are correct in your assessment that the constrictions that many children face, will peak their need to run free as they get older, so remember to keep a middle balance. Parents must create the balance based on the child's individual personality traits!

Amatullah on January 15, 2011 at 10:02 PM said...

As-Salaamu Alaykum!
I am in total agreement with you both. Tell Samyrah I said congrats and have fun for me. I love a party ♥

The Homeschooling Ummi on January 16, 2011 at 7:05 AM said...

@ummi... Walaykis salaam wa rahmatullah...I sure wish there was a way to really show somepeople but subhannallah its hard they are hard but I pray I do not ever let that stop me from giving them a sane life inshallah.. I showed Mera your message and she smiled lol mashallah she told me to tell you that she loves you dearly♥

@Amatullah...Walaykis Salaam wa rahmatullah... Barakallahu feeki and thank you for your support and hurry up so we can all party LOL☺♥

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