Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Reading is Motivation!~

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

As Salaamu alaykunna

Reading is a major important subject for our children, we know that with reading it enables the child with the ability to expand his/her mind and creativity, to be able to communicate better. I believe that in todays world that what children lack the most is originality due to lack imagination. With out imagination you are less likely to be able to express your self and be a confidant reader and thinker. Reading opens many doors to a child's confidants, which allows them to be more engaged in other positive activities. Building their own stories, visual reading, critical thinking and writing. All of these may not seem important to some, but they are very important for children. To help build a much better world today we need more originality along with thinking out of the box style along with more moralized individuals. Its a must.

Here is a site called Story Time for Me! (Free) that offers a wonderful library of online books along with down able actives for children to work on. These books I really love because they remind me of books we read when we where younger. More innocent and teaching good behavior verse most or all of todays books which I have to read first to make sure nothing in it is inappropriate for my children to read. And to me a girl having a boy as a friend is inappropriate reading for children so these books have thumbs up for me.

I am always happy when I see my children engaging into more reading activities, they love it and are thrilled when I put on stores for them to listen to or them to read themselves. Not only do I look forward to it but they do as well because I try my best to make reading fun for them, so that with out them realizing it they are gaining what they need to build better confidence in reading and writing and most importantly communication skills... And it also helps build their vocabulary.

These books gives you just that, as they're dialog is right on point when it comes to teaching children how to properly communicate with each other and a morally respectable way. I say its a MUST HAVE in our only library of books. Enjoy your reading!

Umm Samyrah~


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