Sunday, October 7, 2007

Ramadan in Egypt

This is my first year for Ramadan in egypt last year when we where here, My mind was so wild out.  I just could not belive it was really so I was here in the land of the muslims and I just was so Happy that I was really here so it always seemed like a dream going through the motions of life exspecially during Ramadan.  This year is more of a reality life still goes on and although you have these ups and downs the joy and feel of Ramdan is always a comfort. 

During Ramadan in Egypt life is quite and streetless until around 10 to 11.  Many of the people stay up all night long worshipping and praying to Our lord that it keeps them home until the late morning hours.  May Allah bless them all for their wonderful efforts for rushing to worship Allah ameen!

It seems to me since this is my second year during Ramdan here that the egyptians are very routined when it comes to Fasting almost to the point it seems as though every eats the same thing during the days of Ramadan the mothers mashallah or women of the homes really have the order of operation down packed so much so that if you are offered a plate almost 9 out of 10 you will get the same dish lol.  Its wonderful and a blessing. 

i will show you a few of the foods that the egyptians eat below enjoy.  Oh and I hope you are all having a wonderful Ramadan

This is Yameesh this is what the egyptians drink to break their fast with its made with Aprocot juice and soked aprots and dates and rasins and pruns and more. Its very tasting and even also has honey init.

Kunafah is a very sweet tastie treat the kids love it, I for one like it but after awhile i must stop eating it its very very sweet lol ok here is a pic of it below and following after that is the recipe for it.  Image:Kinafa.jpg

more later on Ramadan in egypt may be next year lol well see salaams all and

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