Friday, September 21, 2007

Ramadan Kareem رمضان كريم

رمضان كريم

As Salaamu alaykum,

Today Ramadan started, The kids are very excited mashallah as for me plz make duaa for me although i am very excited that Ramadan is here its just I am going through alot so I sorta feel weird about how I am feeling now.

But anyway for the kids we will be doing some Ramadan crafts that well take from TJ Ramadan site
and also we well do some of our own. I will post pics of our progress either during or after Ramadan.

Ok here is a lil taste of what Ramadan is like here in Egypt just to share with you all a lil about our environment.

In Egypt Ramadan is more of a traditional holiday rather a religious holiday. The Egyptians have many of their own customs that one would think is was apart of the Islamic religion if they didn't know any better but mashallah me being a Muslim for all my life I see the pros in the cons of their practices in Islam period. Nevertheless, they are still Practicing Ramadan.

One of the many things that people believe is that The fanoos is only an Egyptian thing rather it is an Arab style of celebrating Ramadan. So what is a Fawanees? In English it means lanterns and here is what there lanterns look like below.

The types of food they eat are Ya meesh apricot made into juice with apricot and dates and tin and sometimes coconut in it as well. They also eat sbanic which is spinach to us Americans.
Mehshee is a all time favorite as well as more on this later


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