Tuesday, December 18, 2007


As Salaamu alaykum

I am so sorry this blog is suppose to be about me homeschooling and MY FREE TIME LOL well when i find that free time I will get it in action LOL...NO really I have made a deal with my self.. And that is as soon as i get done with a task come to the pc and blog about our homeschooling day... So inshaallah as soon as i get it in action you will all see lots more blogging from me. This is suppose to be my daily journal on how are day when anyway so I hope I can really get it down sad and silly thing is I do blog on paper about our day i just never seem to find the time to set at the pc to do it and when I do have the time to sit at the pc I TOTALLY FORGET ABOUT IT LOL so what can I do to remind my self about my homeschooling bloggin site LOL hmmmmm.. Ill get to that later first here is a lil update.

The HOP is working great the kids love it.... They are all improving alhamdulillah

I have ordered the Singapore math books for Samyrah for the money that I put in to it I hope that it will benefit us ameen. casue lord knows I am poow...lol

I tried the headsproots program (sorry not sure if spelled right) and I like it only thing is you have to pay monthly and well that's out for me so for those of you who are on a budget Click n Read works just as good and My kids love it

Click n Read is wonderful for parents on a budget for this reason. You pay $59.89 and if you sign up under me its only ABOUT $49. You can even make money using them by using there Tell A Friend Program. Read below.

Tell A Friend Give your friends $10.00 off the purchase price AND earn $5.00 for yourself at the same time! That's right! With our one-of-a-kind Tell A Friend program we will give your friends $10.00 off and send you a check for $5.00 for each and every household you refer to us that buys a Click N' READ Phonics subscription. There is NO limit to how much money you can make in referral fees!Simply use the Tell A Friend member page or just tell your friends to use your email address as the Promotion Code on our purchasing pages and our website will automatically give the discount and credit your account.

Inshaallah go here to save money and help me make money too, This will help us for our homeschooling needs thank you so much.

Please remember to use promotion code homeschoolinummi4@yahoo.com when you purchase. Simply go to www.clicknkids.com to try a free lesson with your child and to purchase the program.

Its a really great program for a really great price and its yours for life you can do as you please give it to a friend as a gift pass it along there are no restrictions once you are done that is it its yours for life so it is a great program worth investing in and it will help just like any other program check here for the reviews http://www.clicknkids.com/Public/Testimonials.asp


This week since we are in the month of dhull hijra we will be working on learning history of this spacial month.. Inshaallah i will post all that i can on out learning's soon.

I pray that Allah ta alaa blesses all the Muslims during this spacial month and all months to proceed ameen...

Happy homeschooling to you all.
note: for those who may not know what HOP is Hooked on Phonics which is a reading program i purchased the complete reading program and mashaallah it really does work provided that you set with your kids on a constant bases mashallah.
Ma Salaam

Umm Samyrah


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