Saturday, September 13, 2008

homeschooling scary thoughts

As Salaamu alaykuuna

Lately I have been having ill thoughts of homeschooling... And even though I know i would never put my kids in a public school system allah forbid... Shaytaan has been missing with me with the idea of it authobillah. Do not get me wrong homeschooling is going really good for a change but there are lots of other issusess that i am facing and its just got me really down.

My kids are doing well. I mean subhannaAllah they have improved so much its not funny, I knew they could do it they are very smart mashallah. I am trying my best to have a smile on my face with this. This has been my dream to homeschool my kids and finially I feel like its starting to all come thru so why should I feel like this. Its driving me bananas. may allah guide us all ameen...

Today we did a lot of catch up on the internet since we do not have full time access to it and whith there school there is alot of it. I hope to have net full time again soon inshallah. Pray for me you guys this is hurtting me LOL

Where makng it fun and its all working out I just need to get out of this rut i have been in for sometime

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Grandpapa said...

Thank you for sharing your homeschooling concerns and struggles. I would like to learn more about Muslim homeschooling and would like to dedicate a page in my website to Muslims and homeschooling. I would appreciate some more information.


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