Friday, October 24, 2008

Think about this!

As Salaamu alaykuuna

Ya Akawaats,

I am not sure if you all belong to a Yahoo's group named Muhaajr or not but once there was an article posted on there basically about the importants of wanting good for our kids in this life and the next. How we should make duaa for our youngs future and so on and so forth. Ok Reason why I am bring this up. Although we all have simular dreams for our children as far as wanting them to be hafiz wa hafiza of Kitabul Quraan.

We should also learn to pray that what ever our children learn from our religon that it benefit them in this life and in the next. We should learn to make duaa to our Rub that Allah facilitate us during our journeys in educating our children. And that He blesses our children to apply all that they learn that is benefical to there deen. To apply it to their life and live by it ameen.

Countless times I have heard sad stories that brought me to tears of how Parents simular in thinking like me, would spend thousands and more money to give there children and Islamic education and have these big big dreams of how there children where young hafiz ow hafiza's only to be disapointed by the fact that it did not benefit there children at an adult age.

These stories are of how

Children learnt the whole quran by age 7 and 8 or even younger but by time they where adults had to sit and relearn it all over again note most of these kids where not of arab desent.

stories of how

kids who are so confused doing things that are haraam and drugs and parting and all while they hold this dear presiousness in there soul.... The whole quraaan. these are arabs and american children. I witness this in Houston tx. kids with Hafiz of Quraan living the thug life and so on.

stories of how

Children once they became adults apostaed from Islam only becuase they where angry at there parents for not giving them the tools they needed to be successful in life.

so they can care for them selves and their new family as a person at whole not just as a Muslim.

Ya Akawaats these stories are so real and so true and they are sad sad stories that we would never want to witness for our children and they are a lesson for us to learned.

It is nothing wrong with learning the quraan like this but also try to remember how the sahabas wa sahabiyaats learned the quraan.

Remember that they learnt 3-5 ayaats and did not move on to the next until they memorised those ayaats and also applied it to themselves.

That is worth it and better for us.

But if you learnt it faster than that Alhamdulillah just make sure that it doesnt leave that childs life meaning keep them surronded by it forever inshallah.

One thing we do not remember is that mashallah even though we are all foreingers in Islamic countries when some of you go back to your homes that child is now out of that enviornment. So now you have to think of ways to keep the Quraan with them inshaallah and the Arabic and sometimes that can be hard.

I know that since I have been back from Egypt its hard I had gotten used to seeing Arabic all around me and it was much more easier for me and my kids to keep it with us. But since I haev been back its like a bank account I am tring to hold all of what we have and save it and not let it slip away. MashaAllah when I thought that my bint was starting to forget how to read arabic I started making her sit down every day she has to because we can easly forget this she and I we are not around all arabic anymore so it is harder sometimes.

Alhamdulillah I did think abou tthat before we left and I went and got loads of Arabic cartoons and stories for them but still its no where near the same at all. I recommend anyone who is trying to learn arabic to better there relationship with Allah by being able to read his nobal Quran must go to an arab country if they are able to do so.... it is worth it if you can get there.

Ok this is just a suggestion inshaallah i will post on ways to help with learning the Quraan soon salaams

I ask Allah to help aid us Muslimahs who are tring so dearly to teach our children and to aid them in the life of this world and the hearafter. I pray that Allah bless us all with the will and strenth to go on and not give up no matte what and that we all can come together as a whole and help one another ameen ameen ameen


umm unays said...

salaams sis

Interesting post maashaallaah. May Allaah reward you for raising it!

I've recently been thinking about my own son and his Hifdh. He's nearly 6 and is on soorah muddathir alhamdulillaah.

He's the one who initiated the Hifdh. He started learning the short soorahs by himself, so I started helping him by correcting his mistakes. Now we take a couple of aayahs a day and he loves the reading and memorising side of it..he's not too fond of the writing and revising though!

I've noticed he's making regular mistakes in some of the 'middle' soorahs.I've tried to slow him down a bit by taking a gap from learning a new soorah and going over one he's already learnt. But maashaallaah laa qoowata illaa billah he's so eager he'll pick up the Quraan and look at the next soorah himself.

I'm also very concerned about him forgetting when he's older and how I'll get him to revise when he's learnt a couple more Juz.

I was thinking of maybe taking things easy and though his Shaykh reckons he can complete the Quraan by eight, maybe extending that to his teens so that he's continually having to learn. I'm scared that's once he's completed the Quraan at eight he won't be as eager about reading and revising. Allaah knows best.

What do other sisters do?

As for the children you mentioned then I know of some who have gone down that path but I've also noticed that they come from weak households where their parents don't take a real interest in the children's life. They feel they've done their bit by sending them to a Quraan school. Or they don't fulfill their other needs of playing and having fun or giving them a sound secular education in an islaamic environment. Again Allaah knows best.

Umm Unays

The Homeschooling Ummi on October 25, 2008 at 9:02 PM said...

Walaykis salaam uhktee...

I totally understand your concern and may allah reward you son for his efforts ameen. I just wanna make one thing clear though, By no means am I stating that one should not encourage there children infact if you see that your child is studies then mashallah let him and if he is able to pick up the quran and read it him self then that is all so masboot alhamdulillah. My only concern is that mothers want this so badly (as I am one of them ) for their children and sometimes the child is neglated due to this ie i have heard sisters say They will not feed there child until they get it done or they will punish them with putting there hands on the fire until they get it done. Or they will not allow there children to go out side and play (in a safe enviornment) this is all a fitnah because it takes them out of their natural enviornment and we all now to do this means oppression and that is a sin... it can become a major problem.

I say take it slow and follow the ways of the sahabahs... I am not sure how old your ibn is but mashallah if he is egared to learn and do that alhamdulillah but if you see him making lots of mistakes tell him not to move on until he leanr it correct.

That is what i am doing with my children and they are young mashallah I do not allow them to move on until they totally memorized it the way it is suppose to be. and Allahu alim

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