Sunday, October 26, 2008

What we have been up to!

The first few weeks back into school was a mess. I was starting to hate every waking moment of it. But I was determined not to give up mashalla alhamdulillah for Allah giving me some patients. ameen.

Samyrah's lessons are very long in the beginning but we have really come to a point where she is starting to catch on that this is really going to be a everyday thing and we are not gonna give up..

I can truly see how us being in Egypt had made us very lazy when it came to a strict routine. Because just as fast as I was wanting to give up so was she. And that is really want made me say "look Juwariyah! we need to really stick to this and not let it go".

Each day is a struggle with new rewards alhamdulillah. The boys lessons are pretty easy but that is honestly only because I already know how to do it. I am fining out about my self that I am not very tolerant to learning new things anymore with out patients. I have to make my self be patient for her. because since I do not know how to teach on this level ( I am learning as I go) it is sometimes like I am walking in a dark room looking for the light.

Allah is merciful because even though I was so sad at the fact that we where back in the USA, I am quick to be reminded that every thing happens for a reason and right now the reason I am being shown is my baby's eduamacation is the most important thing for us right now lol yes I did say eduamacation LOL had to throw that in there lol

Ok so we are starting to get the hang of this and inshallah I am happy because I totally see major improvements.

Samyrah is reading very well now when before we left Egypt that was one of my main concerns although during our last year of living there she was starting to pic up more but since being back this wonderful smart lil mama is reading chapter books mashallah and loving it too.

She is starting to develop a since of wow I can do this and with a beautiful happy smile. I have always tried to show her that she can do it but obviously I wasn't very good at really sitting down and working with her. With our new program (which has to be done every day) and also with her reading tutor she has come a very very long way and I am sooooo happy and have even cried about it. Allah does not put a burning on us at all because that one subhannaallah he eased for me really fast. Alhmdulillah

ok more later salaams


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