Friday, May 1, 2009

been a lonnnnngggggg time!

As Salaamu alaykum

Its been a very long time and I am sure there will be more long times but I truly hope this time I am a keeper lol. With so much that has been going on with me in my life its just never really a good time to keep up with things it seems. Well I am hear not sure if I have even posted that we no longer live in Pittsburge, since we moved to Wilmington De in Jan 16, 2009. after being here for just a month I was hospitalized for a whole week and found that I have been diognosed with diebites but alhamdulillah things have turned around hopfully for the best. I was on insulin for about amonth and alhamdulillah now am off of them and just on the pills for a month and seem to be also doing well with out them ither but that is still up in the air. Make duaa for me. Its been tough going thru this but very uplifting and really showing me that I really must take care of my self and stop worring about every one else and worry about my self. And its ok ;)

Well, I was using Connections Academy but since Jan 22 2009 my children was disenrolled from the school since we are no longer in the area where they offer the programs so since then i had to do so quick decisions and make some fast changes as far as what we will be using for out curriculum which was a sad things for me. OOOOOO How I so loved usuing the connections academy even though they are a trip. I couldnt stand the teachers I felt I got along better with the princepl better than the two teachers whom seemed very prejudce of muslims mashallah. There lose not mine.

Anyway, We are currently usuing The Complete Curriculum which are good for now along with My reading program with Hooked on Phonices curriculum set and also Click n Kids Phonics which is an online program that I so love as well. We are also using enchanted learnings and various other onlin and offline resources. Its going well compared to before and I think its only becasue I have been here before when I was in egypt but for some reason I feel more confident in what i am doing and that makes a big differences mashaAllah. So when we go back home to misr it will be good inshallah. I am making duaa for all of you homeschoolers plesae do the same for me ameen.

Until next time

Happy Home Schooling :)


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