Monday, November 2, 2009

Time 4 Learning update! 1 of many lol

As stated before, I was contemplating whether or not I should use the T4L and I just wanted to touch bases on it so far.

I purchased the T4L October 7th. 2009. So far I LOVE it! It is just what I needed as of now. And what makes it even better is that Our curriculum work books pretty much coincide with this program, which helps with reinforcing what the kids are learning.

You see when I first started homeschooling, Every thing was structured and laid out for us becasue we used and Connections academy. I didn't have to think about what to do next and so on or but any lesson plans together. (I do for other assignments but not for the major ones alhamdulillah).

...But, often times did i find my self in a slump wondering if what I was doing was right. But after looking over the connections academy and k12 (when i used them) I saw that we where pretty much on track as far as what I was doing with the kids.

But why is T4L good for me at the moment is due to my time. I do not really have time to put together lessons and so on. I needed a much more guided lesson plan that was already thought out and planned. And for that I am grateful for this program. We are also using The Complete Curriculum work books and slowly approaching the Learn at home program as well.

I have already purchased the k grade for Yasmin. So for, again LOVING IT! lol alhamdulillah mashallah. also another well thought out sturctured program all at my finger tips.

These programs are making homeschooling much more pleasant at the moment.

You can check out both books from or B&N...


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