Thursday, September 16, 2010

omg i am going crazy!

Salaamu alaykum

Soooo, I friend of mine has gotten me hooked on the i4c site. hmmmmmm! what is i4c anyway?

i4c stands for Internet 4 Class rooms. Why am I hooked you asked? Because this is right up my ally. Subhannallah I am so mad at my self and I am really kicking my butt as we speak lol. I am always looking for cheap inexpensive ways to homeschool without a standard curriculum because for me its expensive, and Mashallah she (Umm A) has gotten me soooo hooked. Of course as with most inexpensive curriculum you will or may need to supplement but this one is on the top and so far so good for FREE!  

There is others one too, such as eTAP.. Which so far seems to be the best but it is not FREE. 4 free i4c is top dog and for cheap eTap, Time4learning, *edhelper (*this one my mom used for her girls ((yes homeschooling runs in the family, we all do it LOL)) mashallah) and others in this line are good. 

In my opinion, if you have not heard me say it before, ill say it again. We really do not need to be spending so much money on homeschooling curriculum we have the Internet and printer. Alhamdulillah for it! Here is a good read on homeschooling the cheap way.

Check them all out. 

Inspired homeschooler thanks to my MOM (Yasmin Abdullah)


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