Monday, December 27, 2010

Revisiting a dear much needed friend I once knew well!


As Salaamu alaykunna ya akawaats,

So much has happened since my last post. For one I had my baby boy :) (Abdul Qaadir, October 29...6lbs 3oz♥) ((thats another story to tell inshallah soon)).  I do not really know where to start but I know one thing, I am very happy to be back. :^)

I have been going thru my mind with loads of thoughts, wow, I just wish sometimes I can click a switch to turn off my thoughts just for a second. So much is on my mind that its piling up. 

I want so much for my children and yet due to me worrying about what I want or need for them, I seem to feel like I am failing. I am witnessing it right in front of my eyes.

But, I am determined to do this and will fight what ever it is that is in my way of getting it. 

I have decided that I need to revisit a very dear once well known friend of mine named Patients.  Patients was once my right hand gal, and in fact I have to admit I miss her very very much!

Because when I was around her, my mind was at ease and I was able to think and make good sound decisions.  Through all the many trails I have been faced with, she seem to have run away and before I knew it she was totally gone.  But I am searching for her so if any one knows her where abouts please send her my way by way of much duaa, barakallahu feeki.

Dear Patients I miss you terribly.

I have restarted our school again, we are still not where I want us to be.  Not just in our lessons but also in comfortability. I pray we get our school room and house in order fast. This helps me function much better when things are ok at home and I can run a much better homeschool environment. But I am not going to let that stop us or me, well I did for the last few months of pregnancy but not no more inshallah. So my dear friend plz come home as soon as you can because I truly need you by my side for this ride.

Until next time, in memory of my best friend Patients! love always...

Umm Samyrah♥!


Anonymous said...

I feel u sister.. I know exactly what ur talking about.. Ive been homeschooling i think since i could remember for about 10,11,12, something like that... but its been a struggle.. on and off, with structure then without.. with curriculm and without.. so I totally understand, they get older and u worry if they know what is required and what have you.. and the best part, when people start talking all that mess... making u feel like the worse piece of object in the world.. how, why , what, can they function with u homeschooling in the future? those lovely questions.. at the end of the day, i know its the best for my kids, eventhough days will go by and they get nothing done but i know with our friend "patience" and her best friend "prayer" it can be done!!! whooo, i let it out didnt I?! lol....

The Homeschooling Ummi on December 27, 2010 at 8:09 AM said...

Subhannallah, thanks Michelle...
It wonderful feeling to know you are NOT alone! however, I do not wish this type of hardship on no one. But it gives me a since of well connection and knowing that its most probably so normal. Homeschooling is not easy and you hit it RIGHT On the nail. Almost everyone I know who homeschools even professionals wink :0) say the say thing. But something has to give. I love to link up with homeschoolers and share ideas and all.

One of my goals to really focus on pre-lesson planing and taking notes and logging all that they do and testing them more. I am thinking and hoping that by logging all what we are doing and accomplishing that we will see the results at the end of the year and may be we are doing more than we need or ill see what we really need to work on allahu alim. I just need some guidance in this mashallah.

What have you done when you are overwhelmed by all of this? LOL I would love to here your input on how you help get your kids back on track? :)

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