Friday, August 21, 2009

Asma al Husna اَلاسْمَاءُ الْحُسناى - The Most Beautiful Names of God

As salaamu alaykum

Ok as promised here are the 99 names of Allah (as listed) that we used. Mashaallah may Allah ta alaa bless the sister who put this together ameen. I really like her format,Because it is not in the usually order that most may have seen it in but its in an order in which it was really easy for the kids to graphs and learn Allah's ta alaa names and we also did it in kinda like a melodicious tone as well. They had lots of fun with learning (although we are not done yet they have learn quite a bit of it mashallah lol). You can get a copy here inshallah.


Until next time

Salaamu alaykum


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